Group Newsletters

A warm welcome to all new members of the South Cotswold Ramblers and hello to all our regular e-Newsletter members (currently about 83% of our membership). We are saving paper, money and work by encouraging as many members as possible to receive communications electronically.

If you are a South Cotswold member still receiving paper copies, hopefully you will soon feel ready to sign up to email copies - if so please Contact Us. Once signed up, you will be sent an email each time new editions are ready with a copy attached. Also you will be able to look them up on this page if you wish to see them again at a later date.

Click on the links below to download the publications. Once PDF files have been opened, you can then if you wish save them on your computer for later reference.

BE GREEN if you need to print, and just do the sides you really cannot manage without.

Group Newsletter December 2021

Download Group Newsletter December 2021