Our Parishes

As the South Cotswolds covers a large area with 60 parishes, volunteers are always most welcome, perhaps as a Parish Path Checker (see below), or to investigate problems.

Study a copy of the Gloucestershire Definitive Map here

Please send us a message on the Contact Us form if you have any questions or comments.

Please Contact Us if you would like to check Public Rights of Way in one of our 60 parishes.

So far, paths in 11 Parishes are being checked by our members, see below*

Thank you

Mike Garner / Bob Frewin


Alderley (trinome = LAL)    
Alkington (OAL)    
Arlingham (EAR)    
Ashley (NAS) * Stephen & Elena    
Avening (NAV)    
Berkeley (CBE)    
Beverston (NBE)    
Bisley with Lypiatt (MBL)    
Boxwell with Leighterton (NBL)    
Brimpsfield (BBR)    
Brimscombe and Thrupp (MTH)    
Cainscross (MCA)    
Cam (CCA)    
Chalford (MCH)    * Tessa    
Cherington (NCH)    
Coaley (CCO)    
Coberley (ACO)    
Cowley (ACY)    
Cranham (MCR)    
Didmarton (NDM)


Dursley (CDU)    *Karen    
Eastington (EEA)    
Frampton-on-Severn (EFS)    
Fretherne with Saul (EFL)    
Frocester (EFR)    
Ham and Stone (OHS)    
Hamfallow (OHA)    
Hillesley and Tresham (LHT)    
Hinton (OHN)    
Horsley (MHO)    
King's Stanley (MKS)    
Kingscote (NKS)    
Kingswood (CKD)    
Leonard Stanley (MLS)    
Long Newnton (NLN)   * Stephen & Elena    
Minchinhampton (MMH)    *Jenni    
Miserden (MMN)    
Nailsworth (ZNA)    
North Nibley (CNN)    
Nympsfield (CNY)    


Owlpen (COW)    
Ozleworth (NOZ)    
Painswick (MPA)    
Pitchcombe (MPC)    
Randwick (MRA)    
Rodborough (MRO)  * Richard D    
Shipton Moyne (NSM) * Stephen & Elena    
Slimbridge (CSL)    
Standish (EST)    
Stinchcombe (CST)    
Stonehouse (MST)    
Stroud (ZST)    * Penny      
Tetbury (NTE)  * Stephen & Elena      
Tetbury Upton (NTU)  * Stephen & Elena     
Uley (CUL)    
Westonbirt with Lasborough (NWL)    
Whiteshill and Ruscombe (MWH)    
Whitminster (EWH)    
Woodchester (MWO)  * Mike G     
Wotton-unde-Edge (CWE)  
Our Parishes