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  • NB Leisurely pace is just used for our Monday walks approx. 1.5 mph. Moderate pace, usually approx. 2 mph. Select Faster pace if you think this applies to your walk.
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  • We wish to make new (and existing) people coming on a walk aware of any steep climbs or descents, lots of difficult stiles, slippery ground condition etc..
  • Probably not applicable at the moment.
  • eg 01453 123456
  • eg 07788 123456
  • (not applicable at the moment)
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    Suggest 5 minutes earlier if pre-booking food eg 09:45 or 09:50, 10:15 or 10:20, 18:15 or 18:20.
  • See Leaders Page - Start Places to see our list.
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  • Example: SO714196
  • NO NEED / Landline / Mobile / Text or a combination.


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