Our Footpath Support Group

A key objective of the Ramblers is to promote the provision and protection of footpaths and other ways over which the public has a right of passage, including the prevention of obstructions. Can YOU help?

Reporting problems - One of the best means of protecting the walking network is to ensure that any problems you encounter are promptly reported. This is a matter for the county council, not the district council. Gloucestershire County Council has a handy online reporting tool which we recommend you use whenever possible. Follow this link to the report form. We recommend that you include a grid reference in the text of your report to PROW as there have been instances of the online tool losing the location information derived from its map.

If you are unable to use the online reporting tool for any reason, reports can be submitted via the South Cotswold Footpath Support Group using the report form. HERE

While we encourage reporting problems directly to the Public Rights of Way team, it would be helpful if you could send a copy or summary of your report to the Footpath Support Group at footpaths@southcotswoldramblers.org.uk
This will enable the Footpath Support Group to identify the most serious and recurrent problems so that these can be pursued further with the Public Rights of Way team. If you use the online tool to report a problem, the simplest method of informing us about it is to forward a copy of the automated acknowledgement that you receive.

Responsibilities - Many people ask about the responsibility for upkeep of stiles and paths. In broad terms, the responsibility for footpath stiles and gates lies with the landowner. The Highway Authority ie Gloucestershire County Council, is responsible for bridges over water courses and the surface of Public Rights of Way. Needless to say, walkers must respect property and shut gates. The entry point for resolving footpath problems is the Public Rights of Way team.

Our Footpath Support Group - Volunteers investigate footpath problems and liaise with the Public Rights of Way team. They are consulted specifically on planning applications which could affect public rights of way. They also undertake some footpath clearance work. The Support Group meets four times a year. The Secretary is Malcolm Taylor who can be contacted at  footpaths@southcotswoldramblers.org.uk
Other members are John Corry and Penny Fernando, with Richard Davis and Mike Garner attending ex-officio.

As the South Cotswolds covers a large area with 60 parishes, volunteers are always most welcome, perhaps to investigate problems or assist with path surveys.

Malcolm Taylor

Trail stretches up to the forest