From Richard Davis

Hello everybody. Yes I am still here. Like a lot of you I have been trying to continue walking regularly in isolation but I will be glad when we can get our walks programme up and running again.

As part of my ‘regular exercise’ programme, this Thursday, I will be doing a sponsored ten mile walk in aid of Christian Aid. I will be doing a circular walk round the Stroud Valleys, most of which will be visible from the Tab if you cut a few trees down and stand on the roof. This could become a regular annual event and a few more of you might like to join me next year if we are not still in lockdown.

If you would like to show your support or if you know of anybody who would like to help with a donation we have opened a Just Giving facility. To make a payment see link below in the name of Rodborough Tabernacle and Christian Aid. Any problems please contact me.

This is a very worthwhile charity which we have always supported at the Tab. You may also have seen the TV advertising for Christian Aid to mark Christian Aid week which started on Sunday. If anybody would like to support this cause you can make a donation by going to the
Rodborough Tabernacle website, scrolling down a long way to click on the Facebook logo and following the link to Just Giving. Or Click HERE.

Even simpler, go direct to the Just Giving Page

Till we meet again, keep walking