Sponsored Walk

Hello all,
Di and I are doing an 11 mile sponsored walk on the 15th May, to raise money for Christian Aid, starting from the Tab, over Selsley, then following the Cotswold Way via Ryeford and Randwick Woods back through Whiteshill to the start.
If you feel able to support our efforts on behalf of Rodborough Tabernacle and Christian Aid please make a donation by clicking on the link below. This will take you to the Tab page on the Christian Aid website and you will be asked to click on ‘Donate’. The whole process is quite straightforward but if you have any problems please contact me on 07579219065.
If you have any family or friends who you know would like to help please forward the link to them or click on ‘Share’ when you make your donation.
Thankyou for your support,
Richard and Diana