New OS Maps

Having been confronted with the changed OS layout last week, I recorded and saved a walk, but couldn’t find it afterwards in My Routes or Favourite Routes as before, but today I found it in My Profile/My activities. Lawrence has told me that you click on the 3 dots at the top of the screen then select the Turn into a New Route option and save as before into Routes, and this works. We also learned that the much larger black bar that appears at the bottom showing Distance, Time, Current Elevation and Average Speed can be dragged down so you only get Distance and Time, and less of the map is obscured. Leaving my mobile data on while “Recording an activity” (not “Recording a walk” as previously) completely flattened my battery, so turn this off! I also Close all to make sure no other apps are running and that helps. If anyone else has discovered anything that might be confusing us with these changes, use the Contact us form and I will add it to this post. Sally