Menu Alterations

To add Child Pages see MenuSCR.mpg in Dropbox eg December 2017 which will then have pages attached to it.


Customise (at top)


Main Menu

+Add items - select the page you want


Arrow in and then up to get into the right place


To reorder we now have Mega Menu module in action.

Go to Dashboard



The Photos Menu needs regular alterations and is positioned last to avoid accidents with other parts of the menu!

Altering labels is done by clicking the Down Triangle. You then have a choice of move up one, move down one, move out or move under.

Press the Up Triangle to close this stage.

Repeat where necessary.




To rename Monthly Photo Menus:

All that is necessary is done with Dashboard, Menus, Appearance
Find the menu with long title eg February 2018 Walk Photos, click Down pointing triangle and RENAME navigation label to Feb 2018.
Scroll down and Save menu.
Visit site to check.
Altering menus January 2019

Mark added the new 2018 menu and added one for 2019.

You can do this from the front of the site, Customise> Menu > Select menu. Add a custom link for year and then reorder the items. Or from the back you go Dashboard > Appearance > Menu.