Thank you everyone!

The rainfall data on all 65,000 pages has now been transcribed by 16,000 volunteers, producing 5.25 million rainfall measurements covering 1677 to 1960! These will now be analysed and may prove useful in climate change prediction.



Previously ….

No doubt we have all noticed that the current lockdown has coincided with some of the best weather we have had for ages! As walking makes amateur weather experts of all of us, those of you suffering from Don’t Lose Your Way withdrawal symptoms may be interested in another crowd sourcing job set up by the University Of Reading that can be done online at home. They want you to go through old rainfall readings that were taken around the country and written on paper before computers were available. Typing all these numbers into a database will allow researchers to analyse them  and learn more about weather patterns and climate change, and maybe help with predicting and planning for floods or droughts.

There are only so many reruns of Julia Bradbury programmes we can watch – so nice to get involved with something useful that will be also be interesting to many of us!