South Cotswold Ramblers

Data Protection – Important Message from Richard

As most members are aware, over the last few years we have encouraged you to accept email communication. This makes it much easier for volunteers who are involved in the distribution of Newsletters and Walks Programmes as it relieves us of the need to print off letters, stuff envelopes and post them. It also saves Ramblers a considerable amount of money.

Following the recent communication from CO (Ramblers Central Office), of our 263 single or joint memberships accepting email, 124 have now said NO.

While they are quite within their rights, this does mean that they will no longer receive Group and Area communications in this way. The extra workload on existing volunteers would be too great for us to consider sending out paper copies and therefore the only way which you will be able to access this information is by looking at our website.

I would like to believe that many of you who said NO did not understand the full implications of that course of action. If that is the case I would ask you to contact CO, either by phone or by accessing your account, find out what your instructions were and making the appropriate amendment. If you do this, could you please notify Mike Garner, the Group Membership Secretary at [email protected].

Thank you

Richard Davis

Group Chairman


Mike adds:

To check your Contact Preferences, you can go to, select


My account

Update profile

Contact preferences

There you will see how you have said you wish to be contacted.

Make sure there is a tick against I would like to be contacted by email


Simply call Ramblers Membership Team on 020 7339 8595 during our office hours 9.00am-5.00pm, Monday-Friday and they will help you.

Please email me (as above) to make sure I know that I can send you an email about our newsletter and walks programme when they are ready later in the month.

Thank you,

Mike Garner

Group Membership Secretary