South Cotswold Ramblers

Walk Planning Progress - Sunday 21 January

Date Offers for March to June 2018 will be needed by 31 December. Details needed no later than 25 January 2018

(Please contact the collectors with your offers with if possible a provisional planned meeting place and estimated distance. Thank you. If you wish to repeat one of your previous walks see our Old Walk Programmes Page (under Leaders) for the details.

Monday Leisurely 4 mile Walks - Anne E 01453 842551 (All offers in)
Wednesdays - Ann A 01453 839089  (All offers in)
Thursday evenings May and June - Karen D 01453 545824 (All offers in)
Saturdays - John G 01452 728760  (All offers in)
54 Walk Dates planned. Stage reached :- 
  • 0 offers needed
  • 4 A = AWAITING DETAILS after being agreed with the collector. Details will be needed by 25 January. 
  • 0 AR = Agreed and RECEIVED DETAILS, awaiting processing by Mike.

  • 2 ARP = Agreed, Received and PROCESSED DETAILS, ready for checking and sent to leader(s).  

  • 48 ARPC = Agreed, Received, Processed and fully CHECKED by leader(s) and all ready for publishing, thank you!
Thanks for your help. Mike

WAWF - Walks from 26 May to 3 June will be part of the national Ramblers' Walk About Walking Festival

  • Sat 3 March ARPC Jenny Minchinhampton 11.5m
  • Mon 5 March ARPC Mike and Heather Selsley Common, S and N Woodchester 4m
  • Wed 7 March ARPC Brian and Ann Bisley 5m
  • Sat 10 March ARPC Bill and Penny Foston's Ash fig 8 9m
  • Wed 14 March ARPC Steve and Rosemary Minchinhampton Common 5.5m
  • Sat 17 March ARPC Olivia Painswick 5.5m
  • Mon 19 March ARPC Jacqui Minchinhampton 3.5m
  • Wed 21 March ARPC Richard and Di Miserden 6m
  • Sat 24 March ARPC Ann and Tim Daneway 5.5m
  • Wed 28 March ARPC Derek T Badminton 5m
  • Sat 31 March ARPC Allen M Stinchcombe Hill 8m
  • Mon 2 April ARPC Colin B (Kingswood) 3.8m
  • Wed 4 April ARPC Colin B (Amberley) Uley 5m
  • Sat 7 April ARPC Peter and Sue Coaley Peak 8m
  • Wed 11 April ARPC Peter and Sue Uley 5m
  • Sat 14 April ARP John G Avening 5m
  • Mon 16 April A Margaret
  • Wed 18 April ARPC Jill and Sue Bulls Cross 6.7m
  • Sat 21 April ARPC Ron and Ros Cambridge 5.8m
  • Wed 25 April ARPC Olivia Miserden 6.5m
  • Thu 26 April ARPC Richard and Di Rodborough 3.5m
  • Sat 28 April ARPC Andrew Bourton-on-the-Hill 10.8m
  • Mon 30 April ARPC John G Westonbirt 4m
  • Wed 2 May ARPC Janet W Cricklade 5.5m
  • Thu 3 May ARPC Ann A Nailsworth 3.5m
  • Sat 5 May A Alan and Fiona Dursley Kingshill 8m
  • Mon 7 May ARPC Brian and Sheelagh Minchinhampton, Rodborough commons 4m
  • Wed 9 May ARPC Brian and Sheelagh Frampton Mansell 5.5m
  • Thu 10 May ARPC Sally and Keith Crickley Hill 3.8m
  • Sat 12 May ARPC Jill and Sue Bisley 7.3m
  • Wed 16 May ARPC Franceska Marlborough Downs 11m
  • Thu 17 May ARPC Neil Newark Park 3.5m
  • Sat 19 May ARPC Bruno Bourton-on-the-Water 8.2m
  • Mon 21 May A Ray C
  • Wed 23 May A Graham B
  • Thu 24 May ARPC Steve and Rosemary Uley 3.5m
  • Sat 26 May ARPC Colin (Amberley) Sapperton 7m WAWF
  • Wed 30 May ARPC Jill and Sue Withington/Chedworth 6.3m WAWF
  • Thu 31 May ARPC Richard and Di Rodborough 4m WAWF
  • Sat 2 June ARPC Ann A Nailsworth 5.5m WAWF
  • Mon 4 June ARPC Chris Coombe 3.4m
  • Wed 6 June ARPC John G Painswick 9m
  • Thu 7 June ARPC Enid Cambridge 4.5m
  • Sat 9 June ARPC Brian and Sheelagh Fostons Ash 6.5m
  • Wed 13 June ARPC Sally and Ros Bourton-on-the-Water 8m
  • Thu 14 June ARPC Tim C Canamble 4m
  • Sat 16 June ARPC Graham W Bledington 12m
  • Mon 18 June ARPC Sheila L Tunnel House 4m
  • Wed 20 June ARPC Ann A Uley 5.5m
  • Thu 21 June ARPC John G Slimbridge 4m
  • Sat 23 June ARPC Graham W Bath Odd Down 10m
  • Wed 27 June ARPC Richard and Di Frampton Mansell 12m
  • Thu 28 June ARPC Richard and Di Rodborough 4.5m
  • Sat 30 June ARP Sally and Keith Prestbury 8.5m