South Cotswold Ramblers

Tickertape Updating

This is entitled Latest News on the front page of the website. It is useful for alerting everyone about walk changes and other important messages as soon as they view the website.

  1. Login
  2. Go to Dashboard
  3. Select and click News Tickers - News Tickers (there is only one)
  4. Point to News Ticker title and then click Edit
  5. Scroll down to TICKER TYPE (should be white text on green background)
  6. Scroll down to TICKS and below that TICKER TEXT
  7. You will see present wording in this window, so select text to delete, or type in extra text
  8. Always keep a reference to our future walks, eg  All walks as planned.
  9. For serious changes in walk plans, also post a more detailed Message and mark it in the Current category.
  10. Separate items with dashes -----
  11. Top right of screen - click Update button
  12. Go to view website - that's it!

MG 21/10/2016