Northumberland May 2011
Day 7 The Last Evening's Entertainment

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Day 7 medium walk
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>>Last evening's entertainment<<
Patrick demonstrates his versitality as he serves our coffee
Before we adjourn to the ballroom and the final entertainment - the first being alternative nursery rhymes. Leader Si looks on appreciatively
Spells of comedy are interspersed with country dancing - well more comedy really
Causing considerable mirth
And red faces
I had a partner somewhere
Not sure what I am doing but John seems to be getting into the swing of it
This one seems to involve standing still
Now that looks a bit better
Nuff said
There appears to be a hand appearing over my wife's shoulder
An economist singing songs relating to the banking crisis - well it was good fun
And last of all Patrick takes part with Leader Roger (left) in a nautical sketch - last line 'Kiss me Hardy'
Camera by Richard - Shutter operation by Mike