Northumberland May 2011
Day 6 The harder walk to Woolhope

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Day 2 harder walk

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Day 3 harder walk
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Day 4 harder walk
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Day 6 medium walk
>>Day 6 harder walk<<
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Day 7 medium walk
Day 7 harder walk
The church at Kirknewton where we start our walk
Contouring round West Hill
And looking up the valley
As we make our way uphill
With views across the Cheviots to the Scottish Borders
To reach the top
Of Yeavering Bell
We start to make our way down
Picking up St Cuthberts Way
And youv'e guessed it - the medium group cross in front of us
And we watch them struggling uphill before we make our way down to Wooler
Exhaustion or sun bathing?
Photos and captions from Richard