Northumberland May 2011
Day 3 The harder walk in Coquetdale

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Day 2 easier walk
Day 2 harder walk

Day 3 easier walk
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>>Day 3 harder walk<<

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Day 4 harder walk
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Day 6 harder walk
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Day 7 medium walk
Day 7 harder walk
Our walk starts at Alwinton
And we head up the Coquet Valley
Criss crossing the River Alwin
As it trickles down the hill
One of the many sheep pens which we pass on our route
As we head towards a wooded area
Gerry our leader (dark glasses) decides to make use of a sheep pen to shelter from the wind as we stop for lunch
Continuing up the valley
We enter the woods
Never far from the river
Crossing it again
Then coming out on a grassy hillside
With views into the distance
In all directions
Vennae crosses a stile - the rest of us using a gate
Heading through an area of reforestation
Back to the coach, a gate helping us to avoid an area of mud
Photos and captions from Richard