Northumberland May 2011
Day 5 The Farne Islands

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>>Day 5 Farne Islands<<
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Our day off and four of us take a bus to Seahouses and board a boat
Braving the salty spray to cross to the Farne Islands
After a trip round the islands where we see the seals
Nesting birds
Strange rock formations
And our first sight of puffins
As well as the lighthouse made famous by Grace Darling
We land on Inner Farne
Where terns lay their eggs by the side of paths
As we begin our walk round the island
With its bird colonies
And puffins
A Boeing 74 Puffin
A low flying puffin
Puffin squadron
{short description of image}
Thinks ... Am I a shag or a cormorant?
And finally some Eider Ducks out for an evening stroll
Photos and captions from Richard