South Downs 2012

Day 4 - HF Holidays longer walk Amberley to Arundel

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Day 1 The Trundle
Day 2 Medium walk
Day 2 Harder walk
Day 3 Medium walk

Day 3 Harder walk
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Day 5 South Downs Way
Our third and final HF day walk sees the harder group leaving Amberley Station car park
I am not doing a caption for this one
To head through the village and uphill
Onto the South Downs Way
Then on a footpath through a field of rape
Which is currently a profitable crop
On top we have views of the surrounding countryside
As we make our way along a grassy track
Looking to the North Downs in the distance
A quick lunch break and we are up and away
Looking down on a farm in the valley below
And across more fields of rape
Now on the Monarchs Way
Past the site where the last hanging of a highwayman took place
A shower makes the going a bit more difficult
As we eventually reach the river Arun with Arundel castle in the background
We stop a local for advice on the most suitable tea room in Arundel
Before continuing along the river led by Phil
Past moored boats
The castle getting nearer
As we sit having tea overlooking the river an artist paints us from the other bank
Photos and captions from Richard