South Downs 2012

Day 3 - HF Holidays harder walk from Advesane to Petworth including the Wey and Arun Canal and The Mens

Holiday Photos
Day 1 The Trundle
Day 2 Medium walk
Day 2 Harder walk
Day 3 Medium walk

>> Day 3 Harder walk <<
Day 4 Harder walk
Day 5 South Downs Way
The early morning view from our room as mother and cygnets look for breakfast
Then the second day's longer walk starts from Adversane
Through fields of bluebells
Walking the plank - stile over a stream
To reach the Wey and Arun Canal
With its water wheel taking water from the river Arun
Once an alternative route from London to the coast
And recently subject to restoration
We pass many fine houses
Before reaching the Mens
An important SSSI of ancient woodland
And even a derelict church
More attractive gardens on our way to Petworth
Photos and captions from Richard