South Downs 2012

Day 2 - Harder HF walk from Stopham including Brinkwells and Pulborough water meadows

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On the first day of HF walks the long harder walk starts from Stopham Church
Where we pause to hear some of its history from Pat
Before going inside for a look around
Now in woodland - have we time to count the rings?
Signs of a busy bodger
Karen is greeted by a small dog
At the old cottage of Brinkwells once the home of Elgar, where he wrote the famous Cello Concerto
I think this is the river Rother
A reminder that sheep played an important part in the local economy
Now I could live here
Although its other boundary is a railway line - with an old semaphore signal
As we enter Pulborough Pat stops to tell us something of the town
Do we need the moth balls?
As we leave Pulborough we pass this cottage
On our way to the the water meadows, an RSPB nature reserve
Where we encounter some deep mud
Which is no problem for those with gaiters
But others have to find an alternative
Some magnificent views from the RSPB centre - including a herd of deer
Then we continue to Abingworth
Back in time for the beauties of the South Cots synchronised swimming team to take the plunge
But what is this? They look worried
Could be a great white shark coming in! In those trunks?
Just time for a quick drink before dinner
Photos and captions from Richard