South Downs 2012

Day 3 - Medium HF walk from Duncton to Petworth

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Day 3 Harder walk
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Day 5 South Downs Way
We set off on our walk to Petworth
We notice some large crosses in the churchyard and wonder
We pass through the grounds of Burton Park
Now a residential community
And visit its chapel
With monuments
And wall paintings
We are impressed by this huge tree
Arriving at the lake
We pause for our coffee stop
Bluebells and stitchworts
10 petals
A sign of recent stormy weather
An awkward stile
Is that clear?
We pass through a farm with a huge field of oil seed rape
And reach a very pretty garden
Not to be ignored
Anne investigates further
So attractive
More large houses
Any idea what is going on here?
Off through some woods
A very rich habitat
With mature trees
What are they looking at?
A well organised garden
We stop for the loos
Reaching Fittleworth
Where it has started to rain
So we pop into the church for shelter for our lunch stop
Afterwards we continue past Amen corner
And see the gates to Bryan Ferry's home
Another lovely garden
Very colourful on this dull day
What a gloomy afternoon
We reach "Gog" ...
And "Magog"
Phil tells us the history of these buildings near to Petworth
We can now see Petworth town on the horizon
We descend in the valley and climb up again
Into the town
Phil tells us where the tea room is - and many of us are off there immediately to dry out
Before returning through the cobbled streets to catch the coach
Photos and captions from Mike