South Downs 2012

Day 1 - The Trundle Walk and on to Abingworth House

Holiday Photos
>> Day 1 The Trundle <<
Day 2 Medium walk
Day 2 Harder walk
Day 3 Medium walk

Day 3 Harder walk
Day 4 Harder walk
Day 5 South Downs Way
On our way to Abingworth we stop at Trundle Hill for our first views of the South Downs
And Goodwood Race Course
As a venerable old rambler takes a rest
We make our way to the start of a short walk
Organised by Mike
Which takes us downhill
Fine body of men
To East Lavant
Crossing a bridge
Then back along a wide track
And up across the fields to the start
Where we drive on to Abingworth Hall to settle in for our walking holiday
Photos and captions from Richard