South Downs 2012

Day 5 - Departure day with a short walk from Amberley Station up on to the South Downs

Holiday Photos
Day 1 The Trundle
Day 2 Medium walk
Day 2 Harder walk
Day 3 Medium walk

Day 3 Harder walk
Day 4 Harder walk
>> Day 5 South Downs Way <<
Time to go home. A last look at the view from the gardens
And a last sit in the sun before we head off for our last walk organised by Mike
For which we have polished our boots as is expected in South Cots
Life continues as normal
Diana and Richard
Another departure from Amberley station
This time we walk round the water meadows
Looking back at Houghton Bridge
We pick our way around a muddy section
Before climbing uphill
Along the downs
Then back on the South Downs way
England's newest National Park
One for the album (Mike and John)
How about the North Downs for a holiday?
We return back down into Amberley for the journey home
Photos and captions from Richard, Mike and Denys