Day 3 - Dunkery Beacon

Sunday 13 September 2015


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Another car park with a view - Webbers Post
As we gather round Mike
And set off on our walk
Soon reaching open moorland
With views to the Bristol Channel
Mike looks a bit worried. Do we follow the sign?
Plenty of flowers to look at
A short stretch of road
And a chance for some of our older members to catch their breaths
The Beacon is in sight
And the Channel
Now on top of the Beacon
There is always one
One of the group staying at the same hotel recognises us and takes a group photo
Tells us all about it
The view from the top - Steep Holm in sight.
And one for the family album
Looking back to Dunkery Beacon as we head downhill
Pausing for coffee as we descend
Or to pick berries
But what's this blocking our path?
It's mummy looking for her baby (and yes, she did find him)
Meanwhile we continue on our way
Across the moor
Until we reach the church at Stoke Pero
A quick tour
Then we settle down for lunch
Another view of the outside
And another look inside reveals this painting of a donkey used to carry building materials from Porlock to the church
Our afternoon back marker is ready to go
We pass the old farmhouse
As the afternoon walk begins
We stop to stroke a tame sheep
Then continue  along the valley
The moors in front of us
Pausing to watch a red kite in the skies above
Back marker falling a bit behind - too many blackberries about
Waiting for her to catch up
Then we stop to look at a large fir tree
Coming away with a couple of fine cones
We continue down the valley, the cars in sight tantalisingly close on the hill
As we head down into a wooded valley
Very steep in places
Our path now follows a stream
The sun reflecting on the water
We pause to pose on an old bridge
Before indulging in cream teas in a nearby cafe
In the afternoon sunshine
Sitting in the garden
Then followed a steep climb uphill to the cars
Following a sculpture trail
Of wooden carvings
A variety of subjects
  Which we pause to examine.
top Photos and captions by Richard, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike