Day 2 - Morebath walk

Saturday 12 September 2015


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Denys has accurately directed us to the Haddon Hill CP
Where we have fine views of Wimbleball Lake
A spot of rain to cheer us up
We head off across the hill
A rainbow across the valley, Exmooor ponies in front
Now heading downhill
The moor covered with heather and gorse
A pause as we cross a lane
Before reaching a dam
Where we look across the lake
Then continue down
To Hartford and Hartford Bottom
Following the river Hadloe with its fisheries
As it flows down the valley
We take a break on the river bank
Then continue into Bury
Past the old school
One way to cross the river
But we have another
Looking back as we reach the other side
And say goodbye to two of our party who have decided to take a shortcut back
Continuing to Moorbath we find a plaque in the church commemorating the village chronicler - Read more
Some colourful stained glass windows
Having been provided with tea and biscuits by the ladies of the church we take our leave
And head uphill
After some anxious moments in the forest when we appear to have lost the Chairman, he appears in the darkness
We pass isolated cottages.
Views across the valley
A pause at another church
Where Tim finishes his lunch
Before we return across the moor to the cars.
top Photos and captions by Richard, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike