Day 1 - Dunster and the Tall Trees Trail

Friday 11 September 2015


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Richard leads our first walk of the holiday from just outside the hotel. He tells us about the 17th Century Yarn Market and the cannon ball that damaged one of the roof beams.
This looks to be the hole it made.
We walk through Dunster
Passing pretty cottages
And crossing the Gallox Bridge,
We enter Dunster Woodland on a wide path
With views to the other side, and speculation about the pattern in the uppermost field
Regenerating well after a fire
We didn't get to see him.
Di poses here .Clearly the start of something important.
It's the Dunster Tall Trees trail.
Mike demonstrates the handy clinometer lined up with the tallest tree in England.
We have our picnic at this tranquil spot at the foot of the tree.
Richard dwarfs it, of course. (Other captions were available!)
There are woodland messages on the footbridges
And significant events marked out on this tree's lines.
A comparison with the tallest tree in the world.
Some of us remember passing this last year from a different direction
A fig, unlikely to ripen now
By luck we happen to block the path where this farmer is moving his sheep
Fortunately this is where he wants them to go.
We pass a large ant hill
And Dave finds a large cone
A cross-section of it. (There are more cones to come later!)
Richard leads us safely back to Dunster over the Gallox Bridge
And we enter the Dream Garden
Dave identifies a painted lady
The colours are amazing
So many different varieties
Richard smiling among the flowers.
top Photos,captions and processing by Sally, uploaded by Mike