Day 5 - The Quantock Hills

Tuesday 15 September 2015


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>Day 5<
A quick last look at the map in Holford Car park
And Richard and Di are ready for us all to go
We head up the valley
The contrast of the purple heather and yellow gorse is beautiful
The scenery is stunning at the top of the Quantocks
Our back marker doing an excellent job
Seems happy as well
Flaunting his Ramblers badge
The angle of the trees shows how windy it can be up here.
We admire the view though it's rather damp
We pose for a final group photo*
The mist in the foreground and the steam from the steam train in the background
It's lovely up here
Richard poses with the Bicknoller Post (That's Richard on the left!)
Cattle in the heather
And sheep
The paths flowing like levadas after the rain
Hinkley Point in the distance
Dave identifies Fly Agaric
We descend to the rather unattractive hamlet of Alfoxton
But we can still see across the channel
A disused tennis court
Deer in the deer farm
We reach the dog pound so we know we're almost back to Holford.
top Photos, captions and processing by Sally (and Sue*), uploaded by Mike