Dunster       September 2014

Day 5   East Quantoxhead on the way home

Thursday 11 September 2014

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Starting off we pass the remains of 1920's attempts at fracking
As we leave the car park and head to Kilve Beach
Views back up the coast
And some interesting rock strata
Now looking along the coast to Watchet
Not sure which shot I prefer
Now looking from further inland
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Formation lounging!
We pause
To pick blackberries - Siamese twin blackberries
The Court House and the church of East Quantoxhead across the fields
We reach the village pond
With its duck house
Then the path takes us past the church
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We rest and
Some of us take a quick look inside
Spotting this poem in the doorway
Outside a colourful garden
At the back of the Court House
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They shouldn't be cold next winter
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We head back along a lane
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Catching a glimpse of the Bristol Channel
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Before passing the old chantry - hopefully well supported
And we make for the Chantry Tea Garden
Relaxing in the sunshine
Watched by a flock of pigeons.
top Photos and captions by Richard and Mike, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike