Dunster    September 2014

Day 1 Dunster and Grabbist Hill

Sunday 7 September 2014

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Waiting outside our hotel having just arrived and ready to go
In the Yarn Market that our hotel is named after
We set off out of the village past the old dovecot
A difficult path takes us downhill
And up Grabbist Hill
Before an undulating path takes us into woods
Where logs provide seats for our morning break
Continuing through the woods a few planks provide a bridge over a stream
Views of the sea
Which we all take in
Heather and gorse give plenty of colour
It isn't often we see an emergency outdoor shower - dangerous chemicals around
Now up at Bats Castle, an ancient Iron Age fort
Our leader strides out confidently
Soon looking down over Dunster
As we enter the village
Some choosing to walk on water
We cross the famous Gallox Bridge
An old packhorse bridge of medieval origin
Continung into the village
Where we come across the Garden of Dreams
In the castle grounds
Amazing blooms
Of all colours
And types
Homes for insects
Providing plenty of opportunity for colourful photos
And close-ups
Before making our way back through the village to the hotel.
top Photos and captions by Richard and Mike, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike