Dunster    September 2014

Day 2 Exmoor and the Doone Valley

Monday 8 September 2014

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Richard, our Exmoor guide, takes us to our roadside starting point
And we head off across the moor
Pausing to look at something in the sky - could be a bird
Our next stop is a circle of stones with trees on top
Once a sheep shelter
Then we head down the valley
Over the moors
Climbing over a stone wall
Then pushing through bracken
Before following a stream
Continuing towards Oare
Under a pair of watchful eyes
Arriving at Oare church
Where there is a memorial to R D Blackmore
A brief pause in the churchyard
And we are on our way, stopping for Richard to tell us more tales of old Exmoor
Then heading down into what is known as Doone Valley
To a cafe with birds in a bush
Which Denys decides to examine more closely
While we enjoy a cup of tea
In the afternoon sun
We now follow the stream up the valley
A simple solution to prevent large amounts of water building up and causing flooding
Still following the stream
As it tumbles down the valley
We pause on a bridge for Richard to point out an alternative Doone Valley
Starting to climb back to the moors
Then crossing the stream
Last man over
And a final look down the valley
Before a steep climb
Returns us to the moors
With grazing Exmoor ponies
Providing a reason to stand and stare
Passing an old cottage used for target practice by the army
Making for the cars, sheltered from the sun by these overhanging trees.
top Photos and captions by Richard, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike