Dunster       September 2014 

Day 4        On Exmoor again

Wednesday 10 September 2014

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Today's walk starts on the side of the road
And soon takes us up onto the moor
The locals seem friendly
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Others watch us warily
We follow a stream downhill
Crossing at the bottom
And looking across the valley to a farmhouse with a church
In the distance we can also see Dunkery Beacon
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As we continue across the moor
Then start to make our way into a secluded valley
The sun breaking through the canopy of trees to provide a stop for coffee
Impenetrable jungle to one side
And trees sprouting ferns
We continue downhill
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On a well walked path
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Trees growing at crazy angles
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Hey, wait for me, too busy looking at trees
A farm gate provides a challenge to the ingenuity of some of our lady members
And this black calf showing he is not afraid of us
Another small valley to cross
Some mothers being kept busy
The view from our lunch spot
As we relax in the afternoon sun
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We get ready to go
In the afternoon we have views across the moor to other narrow valleys
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We continue uphill to the top of the moor
Where we spot some red deer
Before we head back to the cars down in the dip
Getting back to the hotel in time for some retail therapy - jeans and polo shirt by Rohan.
top Photos and captions by Richard and Mike, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike