Day 5 Moreton, T.E.Lawrence and Clouds Hill walk

Friday 15 May 2015

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An interesting sign - wonder what it's all about
But we are almost ready to start our walk - what's holding us up?
Yes, a couple of stragglers coming out of the cafe where they have been swilling coffee - don't look very guilty
We head over to St Nicholas' church in Moreton
Where there are some magnificent engraved glass windows
Which replaced windows damaged in the war
And were cut in situ
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Our path then takes us across a river - Mike having decided not to try and walk on water
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Our Chairman poses on the bridge
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Quite fast flowing
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Bluebells still going strong
Our route takes us along a broad path, at first through trees
But soon over heathland
With gorse in bloom
And views now extending into the distance
Thanks for the memories
We reach the house of T E Lawrence - quite small
A quote from Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"
Garner of Arabia?
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The guest room lined with aluminium foil to keep the damp out
The luxury of a bathroom
The academic side of Lawrence
We've visited on the week of the 80th anniversary of his death
We relax in the gardens as we wait for others to finish their tour
And after a look round head off along a woodland track
To the spot where he died in a motorcycle accident
Close by an area where the army exercise their little tanks
Now heading back along a rather damp track
Richard striding out purposely
To discover the 'grave' in the first picture
Thanks to Mike and Heather for finding an interesting walk to finish a much enjoyed holiday.
top Photos and captions by Richard, Mike and Sally, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike