Isle of Wight September 2012

Day 6 - Chale Green to Ventnor

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>> Day 6 <<
Today starts with a climb up to Hoy's Monument
Which we stop to inspect
Mary tells us about it
Even Richard has a look
Can't think of a caption which won't get me into trouble
We continue across the hilltop to look at St Catherine's Oratory
Then head downhill
Through a "Donate-a-Gate" organised by the Isle of Wight Ramblers
We have seen many of these gates on the island
We reach Blackgang Chine
With its cowboys and indians
More views of the Needles
As we make our way along the Coast Path
Passing Sr Catherine's lighthouse
Caught in the act! We continue to Niton for lunch
Afterwards it looks dodgy weather coming up!
Anne's umbrella makes another appearance
We are not downhearted
Homemade jams and jellies
In St Lawrence
With its pretty cottages
They've seen plenty of walkers
Crumbling cliffs
That's better on a damp afternoon
Mine's a green one!
We walk along the front
At Steephill Cove
And make our way back to the bus in Ventnor
Next day it's onto the ferry on a beautiful sunny day and back to the mainland and home
Photos and captions from Richard and Mike, uploaded by Mike