Isle of Wight September 2012

Day 4 - Our day off

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Day off - and Richard and Di elect to go to Osborne House
Where the rain soon stops and the gardens look magnificent
I think this was Prince Albert's favourite hound
The back of the house - or is it the front?
A large tree in the grounds
The Swiss Cottage
Then down to the beach
With views across the Solent
And Queen Victoria's bathing machine
One for the family album
A fine figure of a man
And the front of the house- or is it the back?
Meanwhile Mike and Heather visit the IOW Bus Museum
A good place to be whilst it hammers down outside
A National Trust property seems a good idea in the afternoon
Mottistone Manor Gardens
Where the rain stays away
Lovely borders
All me own work!
Half a cream tea each - we are walkers
What's this - a 1930's architect's retreat
Fitted out with
All the latest mod cons
Back to Shanklin, at the wetter end of the island so it seems.
If any other members have a few pictures of their day off, why not share them with us?
Photos and captions (so far) from Richard and Mike, uploaded by Mike