Isle of Wight September 2012

Day 1 - Arrival and Walk from Newchurch to Brading Roman Villa

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After leaving Lymington harbour on a beautiful day
With sunny views of the Isle of Wight
All aboard shipmates **
As we leave Lymington for the IOW in bright sunshine **
* With the PS Waverley sailing by
* And basking on the sun deck before driving across to Shanlin
A pre dinner stroll on arrival and we spot the Waverley again **
The sea starting to look a bit rough **
We are less impressed with the wet and windy weather for our first day of walking
We start from Newchurch with a very long cemetery
This is where we are going - to the Alverstone Mead Nature Reserve
Some complicated machinery to control the river
The residents here must hope it works, as the rain continues
And we cross the bridge that goes through their garden to the highlight of our day ....................
A cheeky red squirrel in the hide at the nature reserve
Keeps us entertained as he eats the nuts provided
Completely unfazed by having all these ramblers in his hide
Our first day's walk and a very wet red squirrel **
The entertainment carries on outside. Reluctantly we go out into the rain.
Bill, our guide, points to this mocking sign - see the rain drops dripping off it!
Some very wet walkers - even on the Sunshine Trail **
We pass a very floral garden - no need to water today
All things bright and beautiful **
Mike says it has looked like this on all the South Cots' visits
The rain gets worse and, after an excellent lunch at Brading Roman Villa, we throw in the towel and go back to the hotel!
Photos and captions from Sally, a couple from *Mike, and some from **Richard, uploaded by Mike