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Have you come across a problem on a walk recently? Broken stile, crops blocking the way, poor or misleading waymarks or signposts ....

Why not report it here and we will try to get some action. Please don't just hope someone else will do it - they often don't!

For problems in other counties you could report it to the local group if known.

OR you may contact The Ramblers in London following this link using their form for onward transmission to the group concerned.

Report the problem to us to pass on to Gloucestershire County Council. This will help your fellow walkers - and you! Please get typing as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.


Details of the problem - please complete the boxes as far as you can.

When was the problem discovered?

Date: Time:

Location of path (from / to) with parish (if known):

The Ordnance Survey grid reference(s )if possible:

If you know the Path Number then give it here:

If you know who the landowner or occupier is, please give their name:

Description of the problem, for example:

Ploughing / cultivation / crop obstruction (type of crop / height / colour)

Blocked path, caused by building / barrier / locked gate / undergrowth / overgrowth

No bridge / ditch / stream / dry / wet

Damaged bridge / stile / whether dangerous

Other problems / no signpost / waymarks / dangerous dog / intimidation / unofficial diversion, etc.

Please describe the problem in the box below.

Just a few personal details in case we need to contact you for more information.

Your name:
Email address:

Postal address:

Thank you for your help.

Alternatively, send an email to footpaths (at) southcotswoldramblers.org.uk

crop obstructions


barbed wire

terrible stiles

You get the idea!