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Autumn 2005 Day 5
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Our last day, and more dry weather and some sun for our morning walk frrom Whitesand Bay.
One of the best surfing beaches in Wales.
The site of St Patrick's Chapel, where the foundations are still visible. Ramsay Island with its twin peaks is visible in the distance.
We admire the quieter sands of ...
... Porth Melgan. Is that another seal?
The sun streams strongly from low in the sky.
Fod-da-ree, fol-da-rah! Heather is leading today.
Our walk will take us on a circuit of the mountain Carn Llidi, which is 1,732 feet above sea level.
Near St David's Head it is pretty rocky.
A footbridge provides a good morning coffee stop ...
... before we search for a rather hidden path inland to go round the mountain.
Soon all becomes clear and we are on a footpath behind the mountain.
Ramsay Island is there again in the distance.
As we head towards the Youth Hostel we wonder, shall we climb Carn Llidi today?
A few of us decide to have a go, whilst others start their journey back to Gloucestershire.
The last few feet are quite a scramble, and only James makes the summit!
Steady on now, we don't want an accident at this stage!
Phew, he's made it down again, and looks pretty pleased.
Off we head to the car park, where we meet up with Kathy to thank her for organising such a great holiday.