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Autumn 2005 Day 1
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Kathy had planned out a lovely walking holiday seeing some of the most interesting parts of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Sadly she was not able to do much walking due to an ankle injury, so Mike and Heather led the walks for the group.
Arriving after the journey, we walked inland from Stackpole Quay to reach Bosherton Lakes or "Lily Ponds".
We caused quite a stir amongst the locals.
Margaret, Linda, James and Tracey pose for the first of many photos over the long weekend.
Now the whole group of walkers, apart from Mike who takes the snap.
.Our first glimpse of the sea at Broad Haven. We head through the sand dunes ...
... and are amazed to find that the coastal path actually climbs up one!
A blissful sight - as you may guess there are no car parks near to Broad Haven.
Easy to see why this has been named "Church Rock".
The sea eats into the cliffs here, forming caves and pinnacles.
Mike leads the way, while Heather takes over camera duties.
We carefully look over the cliff edge and think we spot some baby seals.
"Don't go too near the edge!"
We eventually reach Barafundle Bay with more glorious sands.
Up the other side, and not too far now back to Stackpole Quay, where some of us have a cuppa before driving the final leg of the journey to Lochmeyler Farm Guest House, near St David's.
Day 2