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Autumn 2005 Day 2
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Today we drove to Marloes and had planned a figure of eight walk round the peninsular, visiting the Lobster Pot Inn for a delicious lunch.
A cloudy day, but dry again as we set off.
The path to the coast passes through the territory of some very friendly creatures. Anne says hello.
Brian and friend seem quite happy, while some others are off over the stile a bit smartish.
We have fun identifying Stokholm and Skomer Islands from the cliff top, and decide to go down to Marloes Sands...
... where after a short sandy stretch, it becomes more and more ...
... rocky, spectacular you might say. We manage to clamber over the rocks without twisting anything ...
... and make our retreat back up to the clifftop on a convenient path.
From the clifftop we see what interesting terrain we have crossed.
Skokholm Island, one mile long, and about three miles out to sea.
We have arranged to meet Kathy at Martin's Haven, and she does the level walk out to meet us.
 We continue along the coast...
.. which has its ups and downs ...
... and passes beautiful bays such as this one. After lunch, some relax whilst others do another stint along the coast, to be met at the far end by a few cars.
Walkers and car riders unite at St Bride's Haven.
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