Shropshire September 2013
Day 2 A longer walk from the Wrekin to Ironbridge (from Sally)

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We too are confused by this sign
We need a mycologist to help us identify this huge specimen
Denys introduces his recorder which accompanies us everywhere we go.
We try hill-spotting
A picture of the hill fort we have now entered
And a more detailed description
Roma, our guide, tells us this is Wellington
A very visible landmark on the Wrekin
 A long conversation then centred on whether Peter from Coaley had been involved in the construction of this or not
More hill-spotting
Through the haze
Ironbridge Power Station cooling towers are seen from many viewpoints
We descend steeply from the Wrekin through this scout camp to the road
Unusual colouring of this cow, spotted on our way to lunch in Little Wenlock churchyard
After a quick drink in the very busy Huntsman Pub in Little Wenlock, we continue, getting closer to the cooling towers
A riverside path leads into Ironbridge
Past Abraham Darby's house in Coalbrookdale
We climb up above Coalbrookdale and look down on the foundry working below
And finally reach the famous Ironbridge.
top Photos and captions by Sally