Haytor May 2013
Day 1 A look around Haytor Vale

Holiday Photos
>>Day 1 Arrival<<
Day 2 Harder walk
Day 2 Medium walk
Day 3 walk
Day 4 walk

Day 5 Day Off
Day 6 Medium walk
Day 6 Harder walk

Day 7 Medium walk
Day 7 Harder walk

Day 7 Party
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HF Haytor, our home for the next few days with panoramic windows from the dining room
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Over the gardens and hills beyond
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Denys is taking no chances, with his proper boots
For an early evening wander around downtown Haytor
Colourful gardens brightening up the evening gloom
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Guard dogs needed here
Views southwards towards the sea
Following a track on the moor back to the hotel, Haytor Rocks in front of us
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Some take much longer than others, but who cares, we're on holiday!
top Photos and captions from Richard and Mike