St Ives HF April 2010

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Holiday Photos
On arriving at St Ives, most of us had a walk around to see the sea, but forgot our cameras. So grateful thanks to Cornwall Cam (an excellent website which changes virtually every day) for allowing us to copy the first four photos on this page.
We popped around the narrow streets
And the harbour
Some even made it to the chapel
Before returning up hill
To Chy Morvah ( the house by the sea)
Where 27 of us were staying for a few days.
The accommodation was excellent, the staff very welcoming
And I'd better not make you too jealous about the food! We had four leaders for each day's walking, and they each outlined their planned route before dinner the previous evening so everyone was happy with their choice. Here follows some members photos to give you an impression of this holiday in an amazing few days weather in this generally very cold Spring! How lucky can you get?