St Ives HF April 2010
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Holiday Photos
The harder walk on day 1 starts from the hotel going to a monument on a hill - something to do with VAT inspector
We then climb another hill from where we have views of the South Coast and St Michaels Mount
A rest at the top
John trying to roll a large rock down the hill - think he might have overestimated his strength
Midday finds us at Lelant Church
Where we meet one of the other groups and have lunch
Before walking out along the Estuary of the river Hayle
Making our way along the beach
Pausing on a cliff top to admire the view
Then meandering back down
And making our way along to St Ives.
On our second day we are bussed down the North Coast to Geevor Tin Mine
There follows a walk of rugged coastline
And more tin mines
Cape Cornwall - once thought to be the western most point in England - little did they know
We follow the South West Coast path
Catching up with one of the slower (leisurely Ed.) groups who give us a guard of honour
As we sprint off in front of them we look back to see them struggling (looking at the views as they climb Ed.) up the hill
We continue round sandy coves
Pausing for a paddle - she must be half fish
A sign of the old fishing industry
And Lands End
Where a newer industry has taken over - could that be a quick way home?
Day 3 and having done the coast to coast by bus, Cornish style, we arrive in Porthleven
And head west
Past a memorial to sailors lost on this part of the coast - also commemorates the Grylls Act 1808
And small coves accessible only by sea
The coast path winds round inlets and headlands
We thankfully persuade Bruno not to jump
And yes they have mines on the South Coast as well.
A strange shaped rock - could be a meerkat
This house looks as though it could easily slip into the sea
Wheal Prosper mine - apparently it wasn't very prosperous
Possible? Certain in our case
Our walk then takes us along Praa Sands
Then more rugged coastline
Before we meet our second adder - only a baby this time
Eventually we reach our journey's end at Marazion and look across to St Michaels Mount
Photos and captions from Richard.