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Autumn 2004 Day 3
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A wet forecast today with high winds - we were planning to do a tour of Portland Bill..
Not wet yet, as we stand on the end of Chesil Beach gazing up at the rocky heights of the Bill.
You may spot ex-fishermen's huts in the grassy area mid left, probably now used as beach huts.
Up we go to Portland heights ...
.. but the view is well worth it. Here we look back along Chesil Beach, which stretches for 18 miles westwards. Behind you can see the Fleet, and to the right is Weymouth and the bay.
There are many stone quarries on the top, with precipitous drops to the sea below.
We shelter in a convenient quarry construction from former times.
The white horses at the far end of the Bill are quite high.
We have a good lunch there at the restaurant - highly recommended, before most of us walk back, not as wet as was forecast.
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