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Autumn 2004 Day 1
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Peter led a party of 23 walkers on a walking holiday in this lovely area in October 2004.
We met in the village of Winterbourne St Martin (or Martinstown) and went on our first afternoon walk.
Over the fields we had a distant view of Poundbury. In 1988, Prince Charles commissioned Leon Krier, a noted town planner with traditional sensibilities, to head a project to build 2,400 homes over 400 acres on the western fringe of Dorchester. Building started in 1993. Although Modernist principles of planning and design are nowhere to be seen in Poundbury, that doesn't mean that nothing is planned. Read more and yet more. See more pictures.
The streets are deliberately narrow and serpentine, so as to slow traffic flow through the village. Parking is provided behind houses in order to keep cars from clogging up the streets at night, and mews and gravelly lanes have been carefully positioned to create the feeling of a traditional English village.
Our main objective was Maiden Castle, the largest Iron Age hillfort in Europe. Here is our first view of the towering earthworks.
It was not a day to stand around for long, but at least it didn't rain as Peter explained some of the history.
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