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Whitby and the North York Moors
Spring 2004 Day 2
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Today we were off to walk the coastline from Sandsend, near Whitby, 10 miles to Staithes, returning by service bus.
Off we go with Brian on the left.
We gingerly climbed very steeply up some uneven steps.
Much of the walking was delightfully easy, and the North Sea looked very blue and calm.
At mid-morning stop time, Brian, our leader, felt honour bound to test out the baguettes.
At times there were ups and downs - infact nearly 2,000 feet of ascent and descent so a computer mapping system informed us.
The most exciting down was negotiating a gulch to Runswick Bay.
There were one or two tricky bits. Here Brian waits to help anyone who needs it.
Bill and Brian helping Jacky.
Time for a well-deserved ice-cream, but is this such a good idea, as we now have a very steep climb back to the cliff top?
Precipitous drops down to the beach far below.
Many ups and downs on route, which is part of the Cleveland Way.
Have we just come along this path? Yes, we have.
Eventually we reach Staithes, nestling in a break in the coastline.
Many thousand gulls live here on the amazing cliffs. We, meanwhile, climb up to the main road to catch the service bus back to the start point.
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