Resumption of Walks

Many of you might be wondering when we are going to start walks again in South Cots, particularly as some groups and clubs are once more open for business. We have been giving the matter much thought over recent weeks, both among Committee members and with some of our members who we rely on for the running of the Group, and the majority opinion seems to be that it is still a bit too early to restart. This may be a reflection of the fact that many of our group have been on the at risk register either because of age or underlying health issues and are still reluctant to ‘take the plunge’. With a forecast of a possible further intensification of the virus over the next month or so, as has already started occurring in some of our neighbouring countries, it seems pointless going ahead with walks only to have to cancel them.

We felt, therefore, that it would be better to wait a little while longer to see if there is any return of the virus and also to find out if Boris relaxes any of the rules, particularly those of social distancing, which he has said he will do in November. We will therefore review the matter when any further decision has been made and when the virus can be seen to be under some control. This does mean that it is unlikely that we will resume walking until the new year and I am sure you will be most disappointed but I hope you will agree that, given the dreadful nature of Coronavirus, we are taking the right approach.

Richard Davis (Chairman)