Dovedale Day 7 harder walk
Hartington to Peveril of the Peak
Thursday 7 April 2016

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Holiday Photos
The Harder group start in Hartington outside the loos where the Medium walk also start.
Looking down to the peaceful river
Not so, when you get up closer - it's a brown torrent today
All three groups have to cross this bridge
Not many in the harder group - Tim as well, taking the photo
Into Wolfscote Dale
Past some amazing rock formations
This one has a spiky hairdo!
They seem very happy, with Tony leading.
The river passes this tree on both sides
Picking a path through the wet ground
Gorse coming out
The bridge to Alstonefield
And a climb up the bank
Past cattle
And lambs
To the Green Well, where Tony consults his phone.
An idyllic scene - maybe different in the winter!
A visit to the church there. Did they spot the lop-sided grin on the creature on the blue kneeler?
Down to Milldale
Where people and ducks enjoy the riverside.
Stunning scenery
But the weather seems to have deteriorated
On to Tissington
Famous for its Well-dressing.
top Photos by Tim and Ann, captions and processing by Sally, uploaded by Mike