Dovedale Day 5 harder walk
The Roaches
Tuesday 5 April 2016

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Holiday Photos
The Doxey Pool on the Roaches
Everyone's destination
Tim and Janet pose at the summit
They don't look too cold in this wind
Bruno seems positively happy!
An amazing vista between the rocks (if you can stand up!)
They move off quickly when the Medium group catch them up!
On the descent
Rocky steps
Helen, their leader, tells them about Lud's church
Quite a chasm
Scrambling technique needed
At the bottom
Then a steep climb back up
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The river beneath
Lunch. What is Janet looking at?
The Hanging Stone
Views everywhere
Turbulent clouds
To Clough Head
Where on earth did the peacock come from?
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Down to Tittesworth Reservoir, to join the rest of us.
top Photos by Tim and Ann, captions and processing by Sally, uploaded by Mike