HF Evening Activities

April 2016

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Holiday Photos
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Prior to each walking day, we were treated to a new visual display outlining each easier, medium and harder walk, complete with photos and maps with moving route tracings
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The maps gave an impression of hilly bits and you can see the moving red trail highlighting the route
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We then made up our minds (and often changed them later!) which leader and group to join
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An activity enjoyed by many was the Inter House Quiz
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Teams of 4-6 people watched a presentation, jotting down their answers
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The winning team at Dovedale scored 50 out of a possible 60, and the next day we heard that a team from another HF venue was the winner of the champagne with 52 points - pipped at the post!
No photos, but my memorable activity was the last night and a violent game of skittles, where the champion managed to score 15 down with three balls! Modesty prevents me from naming him.
top Photos and captions by Mike