Dovedale Day 3  harder walk
Tissington, Parwich and Dovedale
Sunday 3 April 2016

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Holiday Photos
The first local to greet us as we start today's walk which will end up in Dovedale
Heading out over rolling countryside
Streams flowing in the valleys
A forbidding looking farm
And some unusual mobile homes
Eventually we reach the Tissington Trail
And dropping down off of the bridge
Head into the village of Tissington
Where we pause on the village green
Before walking through the village, past the church
Quaint tearoom
And Tissington Hall
 Where they have been entertaining since 1609
Stopping to look in a shop
Resisting the temptations offered by a sweetshop
Then making tracks for Parwich
Over fields
A stile requiring some agility
Approaching Parwich
Where we stop for lunch
Continuing on our way
Towards Alsop en le Dale
Wonder where we are going next?
They know
Alsop in front of us now
A look in the church
A chance to study some of the graveyard poetry
Of which there is plenty
A seat in the sunshine
Another quick look inside the church
And we once more head off uphill
On reaching the top we have views down into Dovedale
As we walk along the top of the hill
The stonewalls making patterns in the fields across the valley
And the Dove flowing merrily below
Now looking down into Milldale
Which we reach by crossing the Dove
To join the crowds playing by the river
Before wandering round the village
Then heading off along the river
Past Dove Holes
And other caves
A natural arch
Still by the river
Lovers Leap - obviously can't make up their minds
Until finally we reach the famous stepping stones and return to the hotel.
top Photos and captions by Richard, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike